In just eight weeks

On August 20, eight weeks from now, Penguin Canada will release my book, The Water Here is Never Blue. In the lead up to that date I’ll be blogging weekly about some of the book’s themes and imagery. My posts won’t be about the book, but they will reflect it, quote from it and give a taste of what’s to come on the 20th.

Water, secrets, fathers and daughters, belonging, travel and culture shock, death, colonialism, monkeys and departures are a few of the themes that run, like water, through the book and through my life.

PS Goodreads is giving away 10 copies of The Water Here is Never Blue between now and July 10.  Click the link to request  a copy.

Georgetown, 1974. Duffy, who was with me In a Garden

At the Georgetown seawall in 1974, where the water was never blue. Chris chases Suzy (a friend’s daughter) and I stand with Duffy who was with me In a Garden.


3 thoughts on “In just eight weeks

  1. Hi Mrs Plunkett
    I read your article “In the name of prosperity” (Montreal Gazette) and was wandering if we could publish it in la Société d’histoire de Pointe-Saint-Charles Bulletin. It is sent to about 150 members. I could send you a previous edition if I you could provide us your email.
    Best regards,
    Nathacha Alexandroff, v-p

    • Hi Nathacha, I’d be happy to let you use the article. The difficulty is that I don’t seem to have a copy of it in my computer. I will continue looking, but in the meantime can you let me know if you can get a digital copy off the Gazette archives? Let me know as well if this has reached you.


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