Out in the world now

A transplanted child musing in her soft hybrid voice becomes almost woman as she takes in the sins and confusions of her family and surroundings—first in Guyana and then Timor. Though fraught with political intensity and intrigue, the Guyanese world is strangely affirming and life-changing. But Timor is profoundly disturbing, a spiritual and social exile. Shelagh Plunkett’s is a unique story, beautifully told.

—Linda Spalding, author of The Purchase, winner of the 2012 Governor General’s  Prize for Fiction on Shelagh Plunkett’s The Water Here is Never Blue

What was a manuscript is now a book. The Water Here is Never Blue launched in Montreal on August 28 after an August 20 release date. What was the quiet, insular life of an author has become a little less so with my recent appearance on Canada AM where I “opened up about my life and explored the mystery of my father, who may have been a spy.” Next stop, October 1 at Munro’s Books in Victoria, B.C. and then back to Montreal for a Paragraphe Breakfast and Books event on October 6 .

In the meantime, Goodreads is offering another giveaway of 15 author review copies of The Water Here is Never Blue. The contest ends on September 27. Here’s the link. Good luck to everyone who enters!


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